Marcelo Vilhena

Digital Marketer and video Content Producer


I bring a wealth of experience in marketing management and hands-on skills in video production, photography, and graphic design. With a Motion Picture Arts degree, I have a solid grasp of storytelling. I have experience in community development, working with non-profit organizations and First Nation groups.

Over my career, I have delivered more than 350 video productions and marketing projects, both as a leader and independently. This demonstrates my ability to lead and manage communication projects of varying sizes and complexities.

Explore my LinkedIn profile to see posts and articles I’ve crafted. This will provide insight into my writing style and an understanding of my concepts and beliefs.


Skilled professional with a diverse expertise covering digital marketing, video production, photography, website development, graphic design, research, copyright, and project management.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in marketing and communication management.
  • Recognized for creating client-centric solutions.
  • Specialized in content marketing.
  • 20 years of experience in researching, curating, and writing content, including scriptwriting for videos and documentaries.
  • Video skills: Screenwriting, videography, editing, and color grading.
  • Proficient in web design using WordPress, Elementor, and Articulate 360.
  • Graphic Design proficiency with Adobe and Canva.
  • Artistic vision and technical skills as a photographer.
  • Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Content Marketing

Elevate your brand with the expertise of a seasoned content strategist

As the driving force behind a comprehensive content marketing initiative for Prairie College, I managed the entire project, from establishing and overseeing a fully-equipped video studio to crafting compelling video content, engaging social media posts, and creating the new website. 

Developing the new website, I meticulously researched and collaborated with specialists, including instructors and staff, to refine the essence of each program. This involved creating captivating texts, captions for program pages, and dynamic voiceovers for the videos. Additionally, I integrated persuasive content into online advertising campaigns and Social Media channels, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence.

Elevate online presence with a video and social media expert.

Collaborating closely with the marketing manager, I spearheaded a digital campaign tailored for European pro cycling teams. My role encompassed extensive research alongside specialists, leading to the creation of engaging content for brochures, websites, social media platforms, and captivating YouTube videos.

I used my expertise to craft compelling scripts designed specifically for YouTube, breathing life into cycling narratives and ensuring an impactful online presence. In addition, I delved into post-sales training, ensuring that the company’s brand message remains consistent and compelling even beyond the initial engagement.

Cultural Project Funded by Alberta Government

I got a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts to develop the web series New Music Paths. The project comprised a YouTube channel and website that broadcasted interviews with contemporary composers, musicians, bands, and chamber ensembles. The episodes showed collaborative music projects, panels with musicians discussing cultural topics such as “What is Canadian music?” and didactic videos introducing compositional techniques and concepts.

Video Library - Education

I collaborated with the company’s marketing team to create theme-specific videos for the website and social media, educating the community. The video library, grouped into four categories, features 20 videos exploring diverse aspects of a research project by an experienced learning specialist. These videos were employed by the learning institution to explain their treatment approach to potential clients, simplifying a complex subject for the target audience.


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