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A Multi-Layered Digital Marketing Strategy

Revamping a High-Tech Cycling Brand

The company sought a website that embodied the essence of high-tech and road cycling high-performance. Our approach started with a comprehensive research phase to understand the client’s unique context and marketing objectives. We strategically divided the project into five interrelated layers.

On social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, posts and video teasers were used to attract potential clients to the leading online environments (YouTube and Website).

The YouTube channel offers educational content that enables the client to build a community of subscribers based on the company’s expertise.

Online event: live connexion between the company and their subscribers.

The website serves as the final layer of the strategy, allowing clients to research the products they desire and make purchases.

Training System: post-sales system that certified resellers (bike fitters). 

Building Relationships Through Tailored Content

Website + Social Media

The project was based on a funnel strategy to reach students and their families on social media and bring them to the college website creating or reinforcing online relationships. We did that by using content produced by program directors and exploring mini-lectures. What is unique about this project is that the target audience can taste what they will learn and start a relationship with their professors. Since education is a long-term commitment and sometimes expensive, sales are preceded by creating relationships.

for small business, artists, and self-employed

Video + Website

We have just the package for you if you’re seeking an affordable, customized, and effective solution for your digital marketing needs. Whether you’re a small business or an artist, our services cater to your requirements.

Our comprehensive package includes the following features:

  • Branding creation or revitalization
  • Professional filming of your business activities, events, or concerts.
  • Expert video editing to create a collection of videos tailored to your website.
  • Creation of teasers for social media platforms.
  • Development of your website from scratch or repurposing your existing one.
  • Design engaging posts for your social media channels.
  • Delivery of your website on a reliable web host.