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Content marketing is the art of producing educational or entertaining content to attract your target audience and build trust. What if you leverage your expertise to create a compelling web series showcasing the value you can provide your audience? You can also invite satisfied customers and influential figures to participate in a video podcast, sharing their experiences. We can make this happen!!

MyLand understands the power of stories and knows how to transition people from your social media platforms to your website using the language of video.

We begin with short-form videos, captivating audiences within brief moments. On your website—a space we can also create or revamp—we utilize documentary style and storytelling techniques to stir emotions and convey your story. In conjunction, podcasts and web series are used to cultivate lasting engagement between your audience and your business. That’s our road map for initiating a relationship, stirring emotions in your clients, and maintaining their engagement with your content.

Find here solutions that can fit your product or service. Solutions like the one we created for a high-tech cycling device manufacturer, boosting its online presence through a comprehensive five-layer strategy, encompassing social media to product exploration.

If you are a service provider, we also have a solution for you. We’ve enabled a college to build relationships via a tailored content funnel, facilitating interactions between students and professors to build relationships before sales.

Utilizing high-tech equipment and experienced professionals, we add value to each moment of your music performance or corporate event. We distinguish ourselves through content delivery methods. We stimulate viewers to interact with your event by delivering it on landing pages, playlists and showcases.

Our approach emphasizes each event’s unique character, enabling audiences to learn or have fun. MyLand doesn’t just document events – we create an environment where stories come alive.

With over two decades of experience, we specialize in transforming your company’s standards and procedures into dynamic, engaging learning experiences for your employees.

Our customized training solutions are crafted to seamlessly align with your online training objectives, offering flexibility and adaptability to meet each client’s unique needs. Join us on a journey of innovation and elevate your employee training to new heights!

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Produce your videos

The power of a professional video lies in its ability to build confidence in your audience. If your budget allows, consider investing in professional production. But don’t worry if your budget is tight. Please, click on the button below, get your phone and film. Go back here and tell us your difficulties, and we can help you…

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We were able to create three social media videos within two days and at an affordable cost. Our strategy involved minimizing time and expenses by shooting most of the footage in the studio and supplementing it with stock footage.